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Our body oils are highly concentrated and are excellent comparisons to the fragrances they represent. One drop will last all day long, so you only need to apply just a dab at a time. Wearing a pure oil on your skin rather than a spray, allows you to experience the true fragrance the way it was meant to be. All of our oils are manufactured by highly skilled chemists that take their time in making sure that each fragrance contains ALL the ingredients it requires. Many customers are simply amazed with the outstanding quality of the oils they receive from us. Each bottle of oil contains 100% pure concentrated oil (no alcohol or water). Most people that are allergic to perfume are not allergic to our oils because they do not contain alcohol. It is usually the alcohol in spray fragrances that people are allergic to. Our company has no affiliation, whatsoever, with any name brand fragrances mentioned on our website. We only mention the name brands on our site for comparison purposes only as stated in the disclaimer message on all of our web pages.

Our Perfume & Cologne Sprays

Our perfume and cologne sprays contain a special alcohol mixture made exclusively by our chemists. Our spray fragrances are long-lasting, but the scent will not last all day like our pure oils, due to the alcohol content. Alcohol causes the fragrance to fade away after several hours, where the oil could last all day long until it is actually washed off. Some customers prefer sprays rather than oils, so we offer both.

Our Finest Quality

Please, DO NOT compare our oils to cheap quality body oils. Perfume and Cologne oils do vary tremendously in quality. Some fragrances actually contain over 200 different ingredients. The oil has to contain ALL the ingredients needed and the same exact notes as the original fragrance for it to have the same. It is also necessary to have experienced, highly skilled chemists manufacturing the oils. For a body oil to be strong and concentrated, it has to contain a high percentage of Concentrated Fragrance compound. Our oils are so strong and concentrated, that a 1 oz. bottle of our concentrated body oil will last 3 times longer than a large bottle of the actual designer perfume.

Other Uses

Other uses for our perfume and cologne oils: Freshen potpourri; in shoes; put in bath; artificial flowers; freshen car by re-scenting old air fresheners; in soap and lotion; on cotton balls and paper towels to put in dresser drawers to make your clothing smell good. You can also put a drop of oil on a cotton ball and throw in the dryer with your sheets or comforter to make your bedding and pillows have the scent of your favorite fragrance. You can also do the same thing with towels. A drop of oil on a ceiling fan turning on full speed makes your entire home smell good.  

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